getting started

Step 01:

How To Register for WAAS – Boomerang (3min)

Step 02:

How To Create Your Transaction Password (2mins)

Step 03:

Setup Decentralize Wallet

How To Set-Up MetaMask on Your Computer

How To Set-Up MetaMask on Your Phone

Step 04:

Ways to Get Crypto & Fund Account

Setting up Cash App & Verification Process

Funding Using Cash App & Change Hero

Get Crypto with Visa & Fund Account (transfer fees are higher using this method)

transak visa

Step 05:

How To Purchase a Boomerang License

Step 06:

MetaMask – Polygon Network – MATIC Token – Token List

How to Add MATIC Tokens to MetaMask

Adding Tokens to MetaMask

Step 07:

Trading with Boomerang

Boomerang Trading Examples

Boomerang How To Trade