Build a Fortune Over the Next 6 Months – Founders Node Position

Daisy is Now Launching Limitless - Layer 1 sports blockchain

Limitless & Blockchain Sports is an opportunity to get in early with the potential to earn 6,500% to as much as 25,000% (in my opinion) on the value of this coin and node plus earn daily rewards from your node validators, the minting of ATLA coins which you can sell which appreciate in value, and quarterly royalties on the underlying company.

I know blockchain and the ATLA coin has the potential to quickly become a top 10 coin by market capacity.

Owning a node will give you the ability to mint ATLA coins for YEARS as well as earning from every single transaction on the ATLA blockchain. ATLA is a layer 1 blockchain and every other successful layer 1 blockchain is currently listed in the top 100 coins on

There is a very limited amount of nodes available and over $40 million dollars worth have already been sold in the 1st week. I believe all available nodes will be sold off before this launches to the public on September 1st, so don’t drag your feet.

There is always a risk of losing your investment coming in this early in a project like this, but knowing most everyone on the team is seasoned and with a track record of previous successful ventures, makes the odds for success very high.

f packsFounder Node Packs:
1 – 500 USDT & includes 1 Founder Node
2 – 2k USDT & includes 4 Founder Node
3 – 8k USDT & includes 16 Founder Node
4 – 25k USDT & includes 50 Founder Node
5 – 50k USDT & includes 100 Founder Node
6 – 100k USDT & includes 200 Founder Node

The larger the Founder Pack you purchase, the greater the royalties you receive from Blockchain Sports. Royalties denote payments transferred from one party to another for the utilization of intellectual property, assets, or rights. Additionally, with a larger Founder Pack, you stand to gain higher referral commissions. Details regarding the Referral Plan will be covered later.

Each Founder Pack has a limited inventory. The prices of the Founder Packs will escalate by 10% monthly.

Every Node will engage in minting ALTA coins, the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem. Nodes play a critical role in the functionality and security of blockchain systems. They are responsible for a range of tasks, including generating, transmitting, and validating transactions, as well as producing or mining new tokens.

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Why should you consider acquiring an ATLA node through a founder pack?

While no one can predict the exact future value of the nodes or the cost of a single ATLA coin, it’s worth examining industry precedents.

Let’s take a look at something similar, GALA nodes, as an example.

Initially priced at around $1000 USD
GALA nodes increased by $100 USD for every 100 nodes sold. With a total of 50,000 nodes available, the final 100 were priced at $33,000 USD each. Each GALA node generates 714 GALA daily, equivalent to $29, totaling $870 per month. Currently, one GALA node is valued at approximately $133,000.

In summary, early adopters of GALA experienced a 6650% increase in node value and earned 43.50% of their initial purchase monthly.

Could ATLA achieve similar results?
My guess is that since it is a much larger project with virtually everyone in the world addicted to sports, it will be many times what GALA achieved…

In my opinion, Limitless & Blockchain Sports are a game changer, and the best way to profit from blockchain is to get into something with huge potential before anyone else knows about it then let it appreciate 100x to 10,000x.

If you are willing to take a look at something that I strongly believe has the potential to create life changing passive income then follow the steps below:

Step #01 is to watch the first ever Blockchain Sports Limitless AMA Session filmed on March 1st: Click Here

Step #02 is to review the Blockchain Sports website and get an understanding on who is behind BC Sports and the steps to roll out: Click Here

Step #03 is to review the white paper Performa which is for blockchain projects: Click Here

Step #04 is to download a Tron Link Wallet that you will fund with USDT (TRC20) in the amount of the Founders pack you wish to purchase and at least 200 Tron (TRX) for gas fee’s.
Tron Link is a Chrome browser extension or you can download the app for your cell phone.
New to Tron Link Click Here for the Tutorial

Step #05 is to access the Limitless smart contract at this link on the same browser that you installed your Tron Link Wallet: (also my referral link)

(NOTE: make sure you are logged into your Tron link wallet & if you are accessing from the USA then you will need to use a VPN set to any country outside of the USA)
You can use Opera Browser, it comes with a FREE VPN. (Opera VPN Tutorial Click Here)

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